Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wish Lust: Sword- The Deuce

It's the festive season, and that brings up the topic of wish-lists in my family, which in turn gets me looking around for needfuls and lustfuls. There are things that I want that I know are big ticket items, which were I not already buying things for my friends, loved ones and family, I would have already snagged. This is one of those. The Deuce by Zombie Tools. I really like their attitude, marketing and the looks of their pieces. 

And here is why.

I've seen these guys' products online a few places, and whilst they always looked sexy, I didn't feel they were a "must have".  I have a lot of swords, some antiques, blades from markets around the world, steel reenactment swords, "live blade" modern swords, fancy movie replica wall-hangers and even a family heirloom. I love swords, I really do. Seeing these blades I worried they would be fancy wall hangers, akin to a movie replica from "Serenity". Pretty, but not sure if I wanted to lay out for one. Australia is a long way, postage is a bitch. And then I saw this clip on YouTube.
 That was a game changer. Every doubt I was was erased in a blinding flash. 

This is some serious, serious abuse of a blade and it just takes it. Not only chopping through a reinforced truck hood, dismembering a bike, smashes a cinder block, slashes up a phone book and slices a baguette. I need this sword. Hell, I'd love any piece in their collection. I'm very partial to the lines of a Japanese blade, but this turned my head and I am a convert. This goes right to the head of my wish lust. No typo. These things are sexy.


  1. I know, right?!? I'm a big fan of the "Cold Steel Proof" movies, so I really appreciated the casual but concerted effort to test, stress and distress this blade.

    I was clutching my head and hiding my eyes, crying out "more PPE, more PPE!" the OH&S rep in me coming out!

  2. That is frigging amazing. Despite my houseful of swords, axes and polearms, I think I need one too...


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