Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wish Lusts: Shovel- Crovel

I thought I would add another item to my wish-lusts, especially after one of my readers comments, so here it is, Gear Up Center's very hard-core Crovel Extreme .

This would be a serious upgrade of the old "folding entrenching tool" that I have had for year, and take camping and Lasertag LRPing. Serious in that "the world has ended, good thing I brought my Crovel" way. Which I approve of. 

The website tells us that the Crovel has a 10 gauge shovel head, which is axe/knife sharpened on one edge, and saw-toothed on the other. The handle is 20" long and is hollow, affording 14" of storage with a milled aluminium threaded plug to seal it. At the far end a S45C steel hammerhead sits, with a chisel/adze sharpened crowbar end, hosting a nail puller to boot. The shovel head and fittings are available in OD, black or Desert Tan. The handle is paracord wrapped, for grip and as an emergency source of cord. With a couple of extra features like a bottle opener and lanyard holes, this looks like an ideal tool for some serious breaking, bashing and generally being useful in a variety of ways. Presumably it digs a mean hole as well.

From the sounds of it, this is an extremely hardy tool, with high durability components very well put together.  The last you you want is a shovel, or crowbar, that comes apart in your hands at the wrong time, leaving you stranded, stuck or without a well maintained latrine! This is 28" of digging/hacking/hammering/prying hardcore tool.

I want one! 

Here's a clip of it doing some of the things the text claims.

I double want one :D 
In tan.
I've been good ....

oh, PS, there is a Kydex sheath for the head, and a steel spike to replace the aluminium plug, in case more pointy parts are desired ...


  1. I wonder how it compares to this


  2. for those who've asked, I spoke to the GearUp people, and they had this to say about Australian suppliers:

    "We have had several orders from Australia. We are relatively new and will be offering distributorships to other countries in the coming year.
    For now, they are ordering directly from the website.
    Thank you!
    Happy Holidays.
    Gear UP"

    exciting news!


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