Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Review: Crumpler John Thursday 100

 After my last Crumpler review I got some good feedback from the company, and thought I would go on to review the other things of theirs I have. It seems I'm all about brand loyalty, where its due. In this case, I feel totally justified. So, here we go. 

This is the John Thursday 100 pouch. 

I bought it sometime in 2003 I think, to go along with my very first digital camera. I had already had good experiences with Crumpler, having one of their plain black original messenger bags (which I've regrettably since gifted away) and wanted something to secure and protect my precious new tech. After a little umming and ahhing, I settled on this little guy. It matched the colours of my original bag, which was nice, but also fitted my camera really well. 

Neoprene in the body was not only elastic to hold it in place, but offered padding, which I felt I would really, really need, given the adventurous clambering I often do whilst fully kitted. Sometimes you just NEED to be up that tree with your camera and packed lunch, you know? I did try several pouches, as I recall, but settled on one that matched my other kit, and had the happy kokopelli looking logo. It helps that the Kokopelli mythology rings a very sweet tune in my rather multicultural ear. However, on with the pouch. Lined with the same 300D rip-stop liner and1000D Cordura outers as the other Crumpler porducts, coupled with neoprene this pouch has never given me pause to worry about falling apart, or exposing my toys to harm, but the lid does not cover the entire pouch, leaving the insides a little exposed to incidental rain.  An internal pocket in the lid has ample room for the SD cards of the day. Both the lid and the internal pocket are hook-and-loop closures.  

On the back, the pouch has a openable, double sided hook-and-loop closure for a belt loop, and a lanyard loop at the top which offers two means of attachment, although I've always used the belt loop. That double-sided hook-and-loop is the only drawback, as some of the stitching lifted after time, needing to be re-sewn to ensure positive closure and retention. The pouch fits nicely over the shoulder strap of my messenger bag, as well as on my hip. It even feeds nicely into MOLLE and I've worn it as a part of my Stargate LRP kit when i still had space for it, and nothing that filled the same purpose that matched. Now that I'm using my phone as my primary camera, I dont have as much need of a camera bag, so I'm looking to repurpose it. 

Snack-pack is likely!

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