Thursday, December 8, 2011

Review: Surefire 6PX

I killed my last set of boots at the beginning of last winter, and the good folks at Platatac had a boot-and-flashlight deal, which I jumped on, and came away with one of these beauties, the Surefire 6PX. At first I felt pretty flippant about it. Sure, its a pretty hard-looking piece of kit. Machined and anodized. Then I noticed a couple of things. The bezel had a line of beading around the lip, spacers, and a warning on the insert said that it gets HOT. It also said something to the effect that the flash was sufficient to act as an emergency weapon.

Well. colour me impressed. My very own photonic-blaster. 

What does it do?

The action is at the butt-end, with a screw-down-to-turn-on cap, that also has a button, for momentary on/off, once its screwed down to a certain point. This gives you the "PEW PEW PEW" functionality to strobe a room that you can't quite make out, or night-blind a person coming in your front door unannounced. The first time I tried the light, I was immediately impressed with both the intensity of the light (200 lumens is a LOT of light for such a little package) and also the spread of light.

It gives a tight spot, as well as a diffused wide-angle, and the light from the tight spot will reflect to fill a average sized room very nicely in its own right. I took it outside and lit up the neighborhood, illuminating everything in my line of sight one by one, rooftop to treetop, power line to street sign. I almost knocked a possum off a wire, it was so bright. The emitter end does get warm though, but the metal body acts as a good heat sink. I'll be sure not to leave it face-down and on!

I leave it with a lanyard loop attached to my secondary set of keys, in an internal pocket of my vest, where I can pull it out and use it, great for those "dropped something in the dark" moments but the most fun I've had with it was when at LRP Lasertag, strapping it to the end of my tagger (just with cable-ties, as I don't have a mount for it -yet-) and sweeping rooms with it. It really works!

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