Monday, December 26, 2011

Review: CountyComm Breacher Bar

Here's another awesome piece of steel from the good folks at CountyComm, who's keychain-tool goodies I have reviewed previously and i wanted to write about here. This is the EOD Robotics Breacher Bar. When I first saw this, I initially thought it was a solid blade with an unusual flat tip but after further investigation I discovered a much more interesting fact. It's a pry-bar, chisel and chopping tool all in one. Made from a single slab of 1045 high carbon steel and reported as being  heat-treated to a Rockwell hardness of over 45, this is a very solid piece.

Because of it's hardening,  it can be hammered either along the spine, or at the base, to chisel, puncture or get good purchase for prying.
There are four holes drilled in the body of the handle, three centrally, with two at the base and two along the midline with one diagonally offset. This offers a variety of attachment points for adding code grip and lanyard loops for retention. I opted for paracord, using one of the patterns is saw on CountyComm's website.

I really like the feel of the solid utility this piece offers the hand, which very nicely corresponds to functionality in the field. I've used it to pry apart packing crates, lift the corners of heavy stacks and pry jammed doors and windows. I also wear it on my webbing as it fits nicely between the bands of MOLLE, (such as this piece of Platatac accessory strapping) and adds to my carriable tool kit when I am out at my Stargate LRP events, looking for all the world like a knife, without the edgy risks. This is great tool for all kinds of close-at-hand breaking, opening and smashing where a bigger tool is either overkill, or impractical to carry about.  Be warned, it it -not- stainless, and will require some maintenance to remain rust free.

Here is a movie that CoutyComm put out, demonstrating some of the features and uses of this awesome tool!

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