Friday, December 23, 2011

Review: Platatac CSI Folder.

Before I get into the more juicy and hard-core content from my friends at Platatac I thought I would cover what is probably an unsung winner in their range. Let me introduce to you the Platatac C.S.I. Folder This is an zippable, A4 capable folding administrative binder. I got mine in khaki, as its unobtrusive in my work environment, but still fits within my aesthetic (healthcare IT fixit-booyah, in case you were wondering). You'll note that as well as the subdued Platatac plata-skull logo on the front, which I love) there is a large square of hook-and-loop for patches (AFT's Ranger and MilSpecMonkey's Zombie Hunter decorating mine) and a business card holder. The whole folder is made from Cordura, the same as all of Platatac's gear. I filled the carry handles with a couple cable-ties each, giving them a little bit more substance, and ensuring I always have a few more at hand, JIC.

The folder zips open fully to reveal a variety of storage options. On the right hand side, a clip board which is backed with some sort of semi-rigid material. The left hand side is where the action is! There are 4 card holder sleeves, in two of which I keep my work and personal business cards, the other two I've stored cards I've collected and ID when needed. I found that my cards frequently spilled out, but a small clip sorted that. There are three pen pockets, and a larger pocket that I keep a multi-tool and yet more cable-ties in. 

A firm believer in redundancy, I have a small adjustable wrench and another tiny multi-tool with LED attached to that pocket via a recycled HDD magnet. There are two small general purpose pockets, (one with a hook-and-loop closure, the other with elasticized mesh), in which I keep memory-sticks, a Dexim iPhone battery ,  spare headphones, needle and thread, electrical and milipore tape and safety pins. All things I frequently find need for. I also keep a permanent marker and have recently added my fully awesome UV laser to it. 

There are also two internal document pouches, one opening at the far left, which is accessible when the folder is being carried, if the top is left unzipped. I store a variety of paperwork here, as well as my iPad, which has been a real boon, not only providing a case for that, but also giving me a handy place to stuff paperwork that comes my way. The second document pouch opens between the general purpose pouches and the pens-and-cards pockets, essentially a secret compartment, where I store my sensitive papers and infrequently needed items.

The final feature of this folder is that behind the left hand side of the folder, and closed by sets of hook-and-loop, are two middle-seam opening plastic map windows, which are capacitive, i found, and not only have been useful to use when orienteering, but will also protect my iPad for use "in the field" in the rain.

I love this folder, I've had a few over the years, but I can honestly say that I can not expect to retire this, unless Platatac comes up with something even better! Boardrooms or bushwacking, a very solid piece of adminstatum!

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