Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Review: Opt Silicone Armor iPhone case

When I upgraded to my iPhone 4S, I decided that I needed a new, rugged case.  I had looked into a Kickstarter program for a rugged, waterproof case, but when the big fuss over what the iPhone 5 would be like when it was released, and I chickened out. big mistake. There was no 5, and the 4S as we all know looks just like the 4. So I backed out, and thus, missed out. In the mean time, I needed something that would protect my new shiny iPhone. In my foray into the local iPhone skin shop, I came across this. Here is the Opt Silicone Armor Case. This isn't the first semi-rigid rubberized iPhone case I've had, however I think it is the best one I've had.

It has a grippy texture, rather than being slick, with ample knobby structures to give it positive hold in my hand, but not so much as to make it snag when withdrawing it from ones pocket. The case itself has openings at the back for both camera and flash, and an opening to show of the Apple logo, but fits so snugly that I haven't had an issue with dust accumulation. The earphone jack and mic opening is also sufficient for every headphone I've used with it thus far (a problem I've encountered in past) and the data port at the bottom works on the bases I have.
Most impressive however is the wire exoskeleton that holds the whole thing together and gives it its rigid structure, as well as protecting the corners (a common breakage point, I've noted). It also gives the case an attachment point for the included webbing and carabiner, which is an excellent means of retention. I clip mine onto my vest harness, along with my keys. This not only keeps my phone from falling, but the distance it gives is pretty much perfect for me to check my phone for messages and access to apps, all with "drop everything" security. It isn't the full immersion case that I was initially looking for, but it's sturdy, grippy and latches onto my kit, belt, bracelet, whatever. Good compromise, and keeps my shiny toy safe.

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