Friday, December 16, 2011

Wish Lust: Axe - BFT01

I received an email from the good folks at Platatac, which included a deal from one of their suppliers, a local company called Hardcore Hardware Australia and immediately my interest was pique. I love supporting local organizations, especially when they make awesome things. From a quick look at their catalog listing I saw that they only stock five items currently, but the ones they do are -gorgeous-.

I'm a big fan of little knives and big swords, and they certainly didn't disappoint on the knives, but when it comes right down to it, when you want to do some real work, you want an axe. There I something deeply satisfying about chopping wood, be it for a campfire, felling trees for timber or just wood for the fireplace on a cold winter night. I love it, (often to the detriment of my kendo partners) and having a dependable and comfortable axe makes all the difference.

The problem with a full size axe is they are big and heavy, and I've often made do with my little hatchet when space and weight has been an issue. The BFT01 would fit that gap -beautifully- I suspect. Made of differentially heat treated D2 tool steel, and paracord wrapped, I was impressed with the smooth lines, and the elegant simplicity of a well machined tool. I also really like the multifunction design, with a penetrating end at the back of the head (useful for applying drainage holes, acquiring purchase and generally breaking things) as well as the pry-bar end at the base of the handle. The MOLLE compatible sheath is reported to be Kydex lined, which makes it appealing for someone like me who is often tossing, dropping and falling on or with my gear. No self-stabbings. (I have scars from my little hatchet doing just this, tearing through a patent-leather sheath.)

 The big question for me then is, following seeing the BFT01 I saw a promotional picture of their LFT01 which -also- looks great, which one to I wish for under my festive tree? I like the looks of the furniture on the soon-to-be-released LFT01, but the pry-bar tip and size of the BFT01 is very appealing.

Hard to say, too hard without having a chance to hold them. Looks like its time for another trip to my local Hardcore Hardware stockist and see if I can contain my gear-lust!

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