Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Review: Multi-hammer

As i mentioned in a previous post the festive season is upon us, and I like to give "useful" gifts. My expanding family has meant I've needed to consider getting the most value for money, whilst not wanting to compromise on functionality or the coolness. I was lucky enough to come across such a source in Zazz who put together several hampers of gadgets and thingies, catering for Dads, Mums, Kids, Geeks and the like. In those hampers, were some inexpensive beauties like this: a hammer multi-tool.

It may not be immediately obvious what good a multi-hammer would be, until you are out camping, or picnicking and have to pound something with a rock, because "who packs a hammer?". Well, I do, but its something I hear commonly around campsites. I wanted to be able to give something to my in-laws who camp a lot, that would be "value-added" and not just a gimmick. This seemed to fit the bill. A solid an weighty piece, the striking head and claw is split and held together by the grip, and a latch, opening up to form the jaws of a pretty meaty set of pliers. The handle is wood strip, and the latch is curved to fit the hand quite nicely. 
Within the handle are a set of multi-tool blades, including a drop point blade, a set of wrench sockets, Phillips head, saw blade, flathead and a serrated blade. The tools are all sharp, and the steel looks good. I was pleased with the action and stability of the tools. It came in a nylon case (which I thought was a bit flimsy) but overall, i think it would make a very good glove-box addition. Certainly good enough for the occasional "we need to cut/hammer/pry something". 

I feel very comfortable giving these as "around the table" presents, where the price is low, but the thought that counts.

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