Thursday, January 3, 2013

Review: Platatac - PRR Personal Radio Pouch

One of the things I love about writing about, and being an enthusiast in this area, is the ability and willingness to adapt existing pieces to alternate uses, both by the end user like me, and also the manufacturers. The difference between having something "fit for purpose" and "made for purpose" can be an expensive one, when it comes to custom work for exotic items. It's grand when you can meet your need. This was exactly the case when I wanted to find a skeletonised case for my new out-doorsy SnowLizard SLXtreme iPhone case. Here, strapped to my Bullock-Echo daypack. I'll probably have it strapped onto my OAGRE vest for the next endurance challenge I do, or my MAC for Stargate LRP.but it's well suited here for everyday or camping use ...

I could walk in, discuss needs and have something perfect on-hand to suit my need. In this case, it was in the Platatac PRR Pouch. Designed to take the SPR or equivalent radio systems , this was perfect for me. Being only 120mm tall and having a shock-cord / press-stud closure meant that meant that the forwards facing camera of my iPhone would be exposed for "on-the-go" pics and photos, while being open sided (and bottomed) means that when I crawl belly down through muck at the next Tough Mudder, I wont be scooping up as much to take with me through to the next water obstacle!

It also leaves access to controls and the like freer.One of the things I am looking forwards to is to have clear GPS signal to track my run and this case will ensure I have good LOS.

As well as an internal 38mm webbing sewn in to add to stiffness, the back side has some interesting options. The twin PALS/MOLLE attachment strips are standard fare on a Platatac pouch, but the built in rows feature hook-and-loop on both sides, to facilitate mating with a similarly fitted belt, or, ignoring the hook-and-loop, having the twin rows next to each other means it will fit to any standard 50mm belt, sideways as well.

I found that this pouch would also hold my iPhone is its Opt Silicone Armour case but not nearly as well as it does the Snow Lizard case, but at least I can still use my headset....

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