Thursday, January 24, 2013

Home Front: Summer Harvests

We've had good fortune with our crops this summer, the front veggie patch has had good light, and we've been keeping on top of the watering when it has been hot. The reward has been a bumper crop of tomatoes, and some edible corn. Last years corn turned out to be the actual variety used to make popcorn. Looked great, couldn't be eaten after boiling. (To be fair, it does pop really well, we still have some of it left).

However, last years crop of tomatoes, those that survived the Triceratops Girl arrival cull (she would pick and gobble several each time she came through the gate) and our own cooking needs, we dried and eventually bottled in olive oil and herbs. This jar however was met by Tactical Baby's early display of evil, when after accidentally knocking off a jar of herbs from the bench, she grabbed my glass jar of precious dried tomatoes, tossed and smashed them too.

Lesson learned, this years produce will be canned into one of the small Dead Person Jars.

I use an electric dehydrator, for the speed and simplicity that offers, and the Fowlers Vacola - Ultimate Dehydrator 4000 is well suited the the task. This batch filled two of the four trays, and filled a third of a 1L DPJ.

We have another couple of meals worth of corn, if they haven't dried out too much in the heat, but even if they have, the rabbits and chickens will enjoy them.

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  1. Nice!
    This has inspired me to get started on my own blog about my produce garden and what I do with it.
    Also, love the dead person jars.


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