Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review: Zombie Squad 1L Nalgene bottle

I had a big fanboy moment when I looked up and joined the Zombie Squad, which apart from being a kick-ass zombie clearance and elimination organization is also a disaster preparation educational and response group, performing acts of goodwill and community welfare. I can totally get behind that.   Apart from that, and their awesome motto "Making dead things deader" they also have some great merchandise. One of these items was a logo'd Nalgene bottle, and I thought it was time I gave these renowned bottles a try.

Many of my long time camping friends have recommended them to me over the years, so I was keen to see what it was all about and compare them to my long standing love, my 1L SIGG bottle.  The main selling point seems to be the fact that it is made from the nearly indestructible  BPA free Eastman Tritan™copolyester, but for me the best feature, apart from holding a touch over 1L (32oz) is the extra wide lid.

This makes filling the bottle up with ice cubes, with powdered Power Thirst and makes cleaning a breeze. 

Being clear is also a real help when it comes to cleaning the bottle. Not only can you see if there is built up grot and grime on the inside, but it also allows light in, which is at least a help to keeping it clean.

The other good thing about the bottle being clear, is that along with it being nicely marked to indicate both mixing, proportions, it is also an indicator of how much you've had to drink and how fluid much you have left. The well fitting cap features a retention cap and ring, so no loosing when you are refilling from a stream.

Having been around for over 20 years, there are loads of pouches, filters and the like out there, and many packs will have built in pockets specifically sized to fit the bottles.

One more thing that sets the Nalgene apart is the versatility. Being all but unbreakable (my partner Anastasia tells me her dad still has the bottle that a Tasmanian Devil gnawed on, leaving tooth marks but not penetrating) makes it a good vessel for other uses than for water. One such example is this "paracord hammock in a bottle" project. With appropriate padding, I've been told they make an ideal impromptu storage and transport container for dedicate paleontological samples.

There are even pre-made "Survival kit in a bottle" sets with the 1L Nalgene as the basis, and of course, the good folks at TEOTWAWKI Blog have some helpful hints as to how to build your own. The extra wide lid comes into play here, as it gives you access to fill the bottle with your needful items.

So, this is a great bottle. It's light, strong, resilient, holds a goodly amount and in my case, bears a bitching slogan. I'm not retiring my SIGG, but this is certainly going in my EDC list.

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