Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Home Front: Temperatures

Temperatures last week at home (Melbourne, Australia) were hitting 43oC (109oF) for a couple of days, with nights of 32oC (90oF) or so. This was pretty bad, but manageable. We thermally shielded the house by closing blinds and turning off heat-sources as best we could, made sure our creatures had shade and water, and spent time out of the heat as best we could.A Fan at night helped somewhat.Triceratops Girl spent the Thursday and Friday nights off the mountain,  down on the coast with her grandparents, the cool-front came through on the Friday night.

Breaking news today is that the Bureau of Meteorology forecast for next week indicates tops of 54oC (130oF) for central South Australia. This is so hot that the Bureau had to add colours to the metric. Never-before recorded highs, significant bushfires in east coast and central NSW and the usually cool Tasmania means this fire season is only just getting started.

Prepare. Act. Survive. as the CFA recommend....


  1. Wow, we have the exact opposite problem. Right now I'm in a city called Yellowknife in northern Canada, and it's -38oC. Strangely, on the temperature map, we're almost the same colour.

    1. I feel your pain as well, Dylan. I used to live in Calgary, was -45oC the day I arrived.....


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