Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Events: Upcoming IRL Shooter "Patient Zero" and Tough Mudder

Picture from the IRL Shooter site
I have two big events coming up, which I am really looking forwards to. The first is the IRL-Shooter "Patient 0" live-action lasertag based zombie game. I was originally booked in to do it mid-December last year, but was admitted to hospital in the days before the event, so missed out. Now that I've fully recovered, and have managed to pull another team together, I'm set to go in again. A 1-2 hour full immersion anti-zombie game, filled with chills, spills and corporate intrigue, which sounds really fun. They equip you with everything you'd need (M4-M203 looking lasertagger/game-stats box, with no external sensors or cables). Helmets (with optional-extra Contour Cams to record your event) and tactical-vests and overalls.

Picture from The Age's 2012/11/18 story
They also allow players to do their own costuming (although they do not allow any phones, cameras, personal sights or flashlights, or personal weapons). I'll be going in a cut-down and de-tooled version of my "Apocacalypse Equipped: no, really" loadout. and will offer my team-mates a selection from my collection too. One member of each team is the designated radio-operator / team leader and is on constant communication with HQ (for better or worse)

The zombies are professional actors and the storyline of the event is fast paced and action packed, by all accounts. I'm really excited to be doing it.

 The second event I have coming up is the second Melbourne Tough Mudder, which I will be doing on Saturday the 19th, at 11am at Phillip Island.

This year I am going with just one friend of mine,  rather than a team of guys from the IT departments of several places (friends of workmates).

Having done the course in 2012, and subsequently a similar (but 10km shorter course) of The Stampede I am looking forwards to the obstacles, especially if there will be any new ones, and some of the old ones (I especially like the climbing ones, and the slogging-through-mud ones), but not so much the running. I hate that.

The best part is that having come through my Löfgren syndrome and now it seems all my ankle-pains have vanished, I may be able to run without wincing at every step.

Picture from Tough Mudder website
This year i'll be going in essentially the same kit as I did The Stampede in, with the exception of my boots, as my Altamas dieD at the Stampede so I'll be running in my Bates Delta-8s boots this time. They will suffer, but my feet will thank me.

Its likely to be hot, or at least, very sunny, 26-18oC (78-64oF) is predicted but next week a top of 33oC (91oF) is predicted. We'll see how it goes in a fortnight ... Phillip Island is exposed to the Bass Strait winds which range between 40-15 kph (25-9mph) which may not sound a lot, until you are sodden, mud-covered and running up a hill into it ... All a part of the challenge. Hopefully I will do better this year than last year, even without as much running practice, because I will be prepared mentally, and better equipped...

If you're going, let me know. If  you'll be a spectator, be on the look out for me and my "Zombie Control Officer" sign ...

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