Friday, November 30, 2012

Home Front: Care Package

I've been in hospital all week -as a patient-. It turns out that the ankle problems that have been keeping me from kendo training were an early symptom of a bigger issue. Löfgren's Syndrome, a form of benign sarcoidosis, which struck me heavily on Monday night in the form of heavily swollen and painful ankles, and a creeping rash on my feet and legs. Three days admitted, my first CT scan, first joint aspirate, first lung function test, first EEG, first skin punch biopsy, first broncoscopy, ultrasound guided Fine Needle lung biopsy, bronchial lavage under "twilight general anesthetic" which I woke up during. So many firsts.

Turns out that this is a rare, usually fully recoverable condition, targeting the ankles of Vikings (well, men of Scandinavian descent). Like me. Upside is that I am already responding to treatment, feel much better.

Whilst admitted I had a care package delivery of a veritable mound of Skittles, gummi bears and even some flowers and a plush coyote/dingo.

I came home to find a care package from my pals at HorNest, in Singapore, with some goodies to review:
A Mystery Ranch Mystery Cinch
A set of ITS Tactical MOLLE Sticks
A Constel pocket lantern
and a wicked HorNest patch

Reviews to follow soon!

Thanks to everyone who's supported me through this scary time, I won't loose my feet, and will be back on track some time soon.


  1. Hey brother glad you are on the mend and getting back to business!


  2. Have a speedy recovery, just try not to over do it too soon! Cheers,


  3. Ok, Im a tad queasy reading on all the tests you endured. Glad to see your mending. Steady as she goes!



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