Saturday, November 3, 2012

Review: Platatac 5x12Ga shingle

Here is another accessory that I picked up for "the Great Tactical Corset Project" as I mentioned in a previous post, and as such, I have collected a few more pouches, specifically unusual ones, and in black, to help fit out my partners with kit, to see what fits, and how they would like to kit-up their rigs.

I wanted to give them a range of odd and unusual pouches and accessories, so they could see what was available, and tailor their loadout for hands-free goodness.

This is the Horizontal 5x 12Guage shotgun shell shingle, one such example, which I picked up at Platatac's miscellaneous pouch collection. (Do pop in to see the guys there, tell them your ideas, needs and what you are intending to be doing and they will sort you right out without giving you the hard-sell on things you don't want.)

 Made of the same 1000d Cordura that is synonymous with both MilSpec gear, and the Platatac range, this piece is no exception. The wide webbing that makes up the functional part of this shingle is no exception. It gave me no impression of being feebly stitched, nor stretching out of shape when stuffed with highlighters, markers or any other non-12Ga shell item that I have tried it with.

The back of the shingle features a single PALS strip, with a single MOLLE loop to feed it onto your gear. I thing a 2:1 loop with the built in PALS strip is totally a secure enough connection, especially given the relatively light load it would be expected to bear.

Here is a quick shot of the shingle with some things I had laying about loaded into it. Some markers, and a cylume stick. This should give you some idea of what kinds of used you can put it to, and an idea of scale. This is a really nice little piece, I've worn it on my belt to carry some light gear when out and about, and expect to will be put to good use on the Tactical Corsets.

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