Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Review: Danner - Striker II GTX boots

 I had the good fortune to win some boots (by speed of clicking, ability to read and understand simple instructions and generally having the right-sized feet at the right time, and I wanted to tell you a bit about them.

Previously, I've reported on my dear departed Altama Tan Desert Boots my all-day-every-day Bates Delta-8's and the hard-core stomper HyTest boots . These however, came to me a while back, and have sat unworn except on a couple of "cant be bothered shining my other boots" occasions. Right up until I was in Hospital recently. I took the chance with some new boots for my sore feet, as the insides of the Bates were starting to get a bit ragged, and snagging my sore feet on boots from one examination to the next was getting to be a pain. These are the Daner Striker ii boots

The first thing you notice about them is they are light, at 1400g (50oz) they are 200g lighter than the Delta-8's,which is a real boon, if you want to cut down on legwork but keep the support and security of a full height 8" boot.

The outer of the boot is a mixture of a 1000d Cordura like nylon, giving a breathable, flexible and tough-wearing series of panels, which can take the punishment that is common to feet, whilst being fast-drying and tear resistant.

The lowers are a full grain leather, and are double and triple stitched throughout, which I really appreciate. I've had boots in the past pop stitches from rough use, so having multiple lines of stitching always gives you that "one is none and two is one" security to fall back on. The tongue is flared ans sewn right up to about the second last eyelet hole, to keep puddle stomping feet a little dryer. I would have liked this to go all the way up, but that's how it goes sometimes. The lacing is a mixture of eyelet and hooklet, starting at the ankle, with spacers cut into the leather to allow you to tension the foot-ankle-foreleg areas seperately.

The outsole is made of the
Danner TFX® Lite, which is to say, a oil and slip resistant plastic, with a fairly light tread pattern. I have had a couple of little skids walking on oil-patches on concrete parking lot floors.

One thing worth mentioning that you can't see is the liners on the inside. I get sweaty feet, so having full GORE-TEX® lining which is breathable and wicking is great, but on top of that, is Thinsulate™ Ultra Insulation which adds the perhaps unnecessary for me lightweight cold climate protection.Still, I'd rather have well breathing but insulated feet than cold wet feet, any day.

Inside the sole, a nylon shank lends stiffness and support, and the TERRA FORCE™ X Lite design does in fact give me good arch protection and support (much needed after my recent ankle troubles) as well as a really comfortable wear.

These are good every-day boots, and I think they will serve me well in the upcoming summer heat, and the adventuring I have planned.

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