Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Review: SAR Global Tool - Dead Ringer comb

On my recent fact-finding trip to New Zealand I was bemoaning the zealous Airport Security policy of taking away all my survival kit, and commenting on what one could, or could not take onboard a domestic or international flight. In the course of this, I got to talking with Spencer Alan Reiter of SAR Global Tool about a couple of his tools that I keep on my person, time to time, or all the time and in the course of our conversation, he reminded me about his titanium comb concepts. I was initially hesitant, as I'm more of a brush kind of guy rather than comb, but sharing a house with a teenager has reminded me that one is none and two is one.

I've had metal combs in the past, and when a brush isn't on hand to manage my mane, I have found that a plastic comb will generally snap rather than part my tangled locks, so often resort to the finger brush, which never works them all out. Grooming in the event of a disaster is an important moral building activity, I find that even in non-disaster crisis situations, I will subconsciously groom myself, or others, to relieve others. Very primate-brain activity, I think. I certainly also enjoyed a good combing when I had my own face-fur, that's for sure. So, onto the comb!

This is the Dead Ringer titanium comb, which is cut from a single piece of 6LA4V titanium, which has been given a non-glare finish, as well as groves for a positive grip. It also features a finger loop, which I found gave me both good retention and control when teasing out knot. The tips of the tines of the comb are beveled, but not sharp, and the tines themselves are stiff and sturdy. The spine of the comb has five notches cut into it, again, giving a sturdy grip on what is otherwise a very thin piece of metal. The bottom of the comb has a spur, which also adds a grip-point, room for a lanyard hole, as well as being sufficiently pointy to open taped boxes, without being sharp. The ring loop, and finger notches work just as well in a reverse grip.

Whilst neither the edges or the tines are sharp, SAR provide a kydex sheath for this comb, which features two eyelets at the bottom, and opens from the top and the side.

As with many household items, this piece of rugged kit could also be used as an improvised defensive tool as Mark Davies, a combat instructor demonstrates here . Fascinating to think that something as simple as a comb could be so effective in the absence of a traditional knife. Good thing the Dead Ringer is so rugged, and feature-packed. How convenient for me! Now I have a titanium tool to accompany the cute skully-faced NukoTool I gifted Omega recently.

I have had a little play, as I have access to ample supplies of double-thick cardboard boxes, and I am happy to report that the SAR Dead Ringer is the scourge of packing materials everywhere! Also, my mane is tangle free.

Here is Spencer himself giving a classy grooming demonstration on his face-weasel!

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  1. SAR Tools are excellent, I carry one of his combs as well when I travel. Their usage as a compliance device is outstanding and are low key in appearance. Great write-up.


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