Thursday, May 31, 2012

Review: LazerBrite Tactical Pouch

I realised that I had not gone back and done a review for something I showed you, way back at the end of last year. It is an item that I keep on my Platatac Young Guns belt for when I am adventuring in one way or another. This is the LazerBrite Tactical Pouch which is produced by LazerBrite Tactical Solutions, who also make one of my favorite lights, the MultiLux LED light-sticks, which I reviewed a while back.The pouch is a means to secure the LazerBrite to your belt, vest or pack, and integrate it with your loadout, whilst keeping it safe and secure.

The pouch is constructed of a medium weight Cordura type material, with good stitching finishes throughout. The "coyote brown" option matches up with my khaki kit nicely. Roughly the same size as a flare pouch, the pouch features a main compartment that fits the LazerBrite, including the "glow-dome"-head, and a "loop" end under a hook-and-loop closure flap. Two additional compartments beside the main one house respectively individually sealed replacement batteries in a strip of OD plastic foil, and the very clever Iris accessory which allows the central tube of the LazerBrite to be "choked down" uni-directionally, from about a third, down to a pin-prick of light. This is a great feature.

This allows the user to focus the light of the tube to provide some light-discipline or just not blinding yourself when doing some work in the dark.When the iris is in use, the main "clear" tube can be popped into the same compartment, and nothing gets lost or left behind. The pouch is PALS/MOLLE compatible, with two sewn-in tabs and three rows of webbing to interlock it to your kit. One thing I noted was that whilst the webbing was securely sewn into the pouch, at the edges, the middle is not sewn in to make distinct channels. This doesn't seem to have any deleterious effect on the attachment, but I suppose it does effect the overall toughness of the connection.
However, I'm not intending to rappel off my light-pouch... Press studs affix it as per most PALS/MOLLE pouches I've seen. Here it is on my Young Guns belt, which seems as good a place as any to wear mine. One thing to note, if anyone is looking to get one, the "bundled" kit includes LazerBrite's "single mode" light, which is to say it comes in the same colour ranges, but only an "on/off" setting, rather than the "high/low/blink/off" of the "Multi-Lux.

Anyway, it's a totally fit-for-purpose pouch, that lets me keep one of these very versatile and rugged lights on my person, and blended in with the rest of my kit. I will probably stitch those middle webbing gaps to the body, forming more regular PALS/MOLLE channels.

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