Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review: SAR Eclipse Signal System/Knife

 So, a while back I did a review on my very cool SAR Eclipse Signal System dog-tag which I have greatly enjoyed having in my kit. It features a 3M SOLAS ring for signalling at nighttime, a mirrored steel dog-tag to use as a heliograph for day-time signaling. The backing is a bent steel clip that allows you to clip the tool to your pocket, PALS/MOLLE, a shirt, or whatever.
I've really enjoyed having this tool, and took it with me on my recent trip to New Zealand, having had to leave most of my EDC behind but this stayed with me. But then there was this!

Talking with Spencer, he reminded me that he also makes a SESS with an extra feature: a 6LA4V titanium tag which comes equipped with a tungsten carbide reinforced cutting edge. This is the SAR SESS/with knife. I really like having an extra blade one me, preferably more than on, and I have long been known in my circle of friends to be the go-to guy when somebody needs a knife. With this in my collection, I have one more to add to the pool. The blade fits neatly between the mirrored heliograph and the clip tag at the back. A word of warning, the titanium blade is very keen on both the tip and leading edge, and no wasted space has been included in this tool. Be careful which slide you open it all up from, as this is a tool that means business! There is a well placed finger notch below the leading edge so you can guide the blade effectively.

Spencer, demoing the clips

That's how you do it, folks!

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