Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Review: Platatac twin 40mm pouches

I've had a lot of meetings and coding to be doing in the last few weeks, so have been neglectful of my blogging, let alone my preparedness. We've hit a bit of a rough patch financially, so have been living a bit more frugally than previously. This means less toys for me, but full bellies and happy house. One little extravagance I had was picking up these pouches.

These are designed to each carry a 40mm grenade launcher projectile, which as it happens, I don't have much need to do (desire, sure, but no need) but the design of the pouch suited itself to adaption to my other needs.

These are again the standard 1000d Cordura nylon construction, but there is some design variation between the two sets. The key similarities are that both sets feature independently openable compartments, which are closed by a tongue of hook-and-loop, on a belt of Cordura. This belt loops through the compartment allowing an adjustable length for the item to be stowed, by affixing the tongue of the pouch higher or lower on the body, which in turn. "tightens the belt". One of the two designs augments the hook-and-loop with a press stud on the tongue, and two points on the body to fix it to.

Both pouches have PALS/MOLLE loops built in, although the footprints are different between the two designs. The non-press-stud version also has a strap loop at the top, as an extra attachment option.

When I got these pouches, my plan was to empty out some of my other pouches, like the SR25 and FUP pouches that I put on my MAC armour carrier, and also affix to my packs. The reason being that small items stuffed into a larger pouch are difficult to locate and extract. Taking these items, like hand wash and pairs of examination gloves and bundling them into individual compartments makes them easier to find and use, without spilling your goodies to rummage at the bottom of a bigger pouch.

I like modularity, I like the options these pouches give me and I like the fit. I look forwards to affixing these to my kit and having more storage options available to me, grenades or not. :)

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