Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review: Platatac SR25 Utility Double Mag Pouch

I'm a big fan of pouches, especially modular, multifunction pouches. It's always good to have the option to reach in and grab what you want, know that it will be where you put it, and that you can get to -some- of your gear without having to rummage through -all- of your gear. I've previously reviewed Platatac's FUP Pouch which is a tremendous pouch, but different needs can be met better by different products. So let me waste no more time, and introduce you to the SR25 Utility Double Mag pouch. This is designed primarily to carry two popular 7.62mm magazines, as utilised by the SR-25 sniper rifle, from which the name is derived.

(As a side-note, I'm not much of a gun-nut, and almost all my knowledge is theoretical, fan-boy based, but the SR25/M110 would be one of my choices from the Matrix Stockroom , that's how I roll.) Apart from that factoid, here's what you can expect from this pouch. Made from the same 1000D Cordura the other pouches in their range, but this one is listed in as being made double-thickness, which no doubt will give this high-intensity usage survivability well beyond my requirements, at least. In keeping with the FUP, the SR25 has both a hook-and-loop and double press-stud closure.

I really like having the option of either of these methods. I prefer press-studs, but hook-and-loop is a fast and ready means to secure variably sized load-outs. As well as the dual method closures, the pouch comes with an elastic compression strap, principally for when only 1 magazine is used, but really, any time the pouch is half-filled, it keeps it snug and stops your needfuls rattling about. Another great feature are the two strips of MOLLE attachment points on the lid of the flap. I keep my SAR Eclipse Signal tags on one of mine. A great accessory point right there. A pull tab on the lid-flap makes for easy access and also as a lanyard attachment point for dummy-cords. The pouch attaches with twin-strips of the PALS/MOLLE system featured in all of the Platatac range. I love it, gives a sturdy, trouble free connection, in one piece. A drainage eyelet ensures it doesn't become a swimming pool.

Here it is lined up against the FUP, just to give it some perspective. I use mine as utility pouches whilst at Stargate LRP events, with one holding my compass and monocular, the other holding nitrile gloves, surgical mask and some administrative documents. I like the low-profile fit and the ease of which it provides access to my stowed gear. I have no doubt that if I were slinging steel, These pouches would serve their intended purpose admirably, they certainly suit my needs when pew-pew-pewing with laser-tag or NERF as they fit the NERF clip system clips too...

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