Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Review: SAR Eclipse Signal Sytem/Clip (SESS/c)

I thought it was time to review another of the cool products put out by SAR Global Tool as so I bring you this very nifty little survival tool.

This is the SAR Eclipse Signal Sytem (Clip) Bringing back the same amazing reflective 3M SOLAS tape as seen in the MoonGlow but this time mounted to the front of a dog-tag sized steel plate, with a hole centered in the middle, which gives a good sighting point for use as a heliograph. The inner plate is a mirror polished steel dog-tag, also for signalling, in daylight conditions. The third plate is bent to form a tightly binding clip, enabling the unit to be clipped to a belt, MOLLE or to cards and cash as a money-clip.

The bent plate gives enough torsion that the three plates fit tightly together, offering protection and stability in attachment, and the hollow riveting allows it to be fitted to a cord or chain, to make it part of your EDC. It's light, tough and very practical. I look forwards to further testing it out bush and making much more use of it in my adventuring.

SAR Global Tool

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