Saturday, January 7, 2012

Review: Platatac MEOP Medic Pouch

 A while back I purchased a Khaki Pouch Combo deal from Platatac and I recently had a good occasion to make use of one of its components, the MEOP Medic Pouch and I wanted to share the good times I had with it. This large pouch is just bursting with functionality. Firstly I'm really pleased with having it in khaki, matching my other gear nicely. As with all the Platatac gear, its made from the hardy 1000d Cordura and fitted with MilSpec buckles, zippers and webbing. The MOLLE loops, of which there are 7 rows of 5 columns on the front, and 7 rows of 2 columns along each side. This is a phenomenal amount of real estate for further attachment of pouches externally. Another addition is a loop-side hook-and-loop strip at the top front of the pouch (to which I have attached a "Problem Staying Solved" morale patch from Action Figure Therapy's Army Ranger). The top panel the pouch has two rubber gaskets for hydration tubes (or any other protuberance you may require, I'm thinking cables that audio / mic cables could feed through it).
The back of the pack has two separate rows of three of the PLMRS (Platypus Light Modular Recovery System) MOLLE/PALS attachment system straps, and a set of left and right zippers, for attaching to bigger packs, or to strap two of these pouches together. Another feature is two full sets of dual Fastex clips, top and bottom as well as two sets of buckles for feeding tape or webbing through. One interesting aspect is that the pouch can be folded up on itself, either for empty storage or when loaded, to minimize bulk. 

I had this pouch mounted on my Young Guns belt recently, for a New Years Eve party, which we took Tactical Baby to, and instead of taking her usual baby-bag, I wanted to pouch it all. This is where the MEOP comes in so handy! Not only is it -covered- in MOLLE, its insides are likewise covered in it too. Both the back and the "lip" of the pouch, which zippers all the way down, have a full 7x5 grid of attachment points. The top of the bag also has a double sided strip of hook-and-loop for perhaps holding that hydration system or iThingy cables. However, my New Years loadout for Tactical Baby was this. inside the MEOP, I slung several nappies, bound with some safety-orange paracord I mistakenly bought, below that I also lashed in a packet of baby-wipes, and along side this, changes of clothes, and a rolled up change mat. Along with a plastic bag fed through the MOLLE of the "lip" I had everything I would need in case of poo-nami. 

Everything fit into the pouch, and it even folded, enabling me to cut down on the bulk that would have otherwise dangled downwards off my hip. Access by popping the top two Fastex clips, and a quick unzip was speady, and the pack unfurled beautifully, and smoothly.

Now, baby wrangling may not -seem- like much of an adventure for a rugged and apocalypse ready loadout, but I assure you, if you have ever had a screaming baby who needs a fast nappy change, and you fumble, spilling your cleans and soileds, you can easily translate that to disaster mishaps.  This pouch is modular, versatile and rugged. I braved the uncertain looks of my baby's mother and staked Tactical Baby's wellbeing on it when I loaded it up, and it didn't fail me. I can easily recommend this as a means to secure and transport your needfuls in an orderly fashion, be that a trauma kit, nappy bag or whatever.


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