Friday, January 27, 2012

Review: Headsox

I collected this nice piece of kit last night, so you'll have to bear with me as I haven't had a lot of time to put it through its paces yet, but I have seen this kind of thing before, and here's what I can tell you about this one. This is the Headsox which is a seamless tube, 50cm long and 52cm in circumference. Its made from a polyester microfibre which is both light and stretchy. Being a microfiber, it is well suited to wicking moisture from the skin, both aiding in reducing moisture and humidity, but also acting as a means of thermal transfer.

Being damp is never good for the skin, whether in a hot or cold environment, and having a fast drying, wicking surface as a barrier to the environment is a great bonus when you are out adventuring. The Headsox can be soaked in water to facilitate rapid cooling in the heat, but also act as a wind-break, hot or cold and offer a UPF +20 protection from UV radiation in a single fold, doubled when folded. With 60 designs listed on their website , from both colourful to subdued. I chose the Camo Stripe pattern, being a subdued earthy olive and brown which suited my aesthetic nicely. The inside is a whitish colour, which is a pity, but not a problem, really.
One of the cute aspects of this product is the list of options how to wear it. They list 12differenbt styles, with some pictographic guides as to how to achieve them, and I will have to try them all, and see how they suit me. I'm fond on neck-warmers, so between that and keeping all my hair out of my face, I think this will be serving me for some time and doing me some good. I'm looking forwards to giving it a proper shake-down over the weekend. It's small and crushable enough that I think I'll be keeping it in a pocket in my holster permanently if it works out.

Its going to be hot, hot, hot here. Circus trips, picnics, yard-work, oh my!

[edit] I've now been wearing it for several days, both a a neck-loop (#2) and as a pony-tail pulled through head scarf (#7) and I can tell you, that soaked in water, in a breeze, this little guy just SUCKS the heat away. Brilliant.


  1. Got something similar, great for keeping a head warm under a helmet.

  2. thanks for the suggestion, Andrew. I'm planning to trial it with my Stargate Lasertag LRP gear, hopefully it wont be -too- hot

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