Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Review: Tiletto - The Titanium Letter Opener

I'm a firm believer in not only getting behind small business makers, but also adding more shinies to my collection. This was no exception.

This is the Tiletto and is the creation of Steve Sure, who along with his trusty collaborators in the form of Mike Bond (of Ti2 Sentinel and Parabiner fame), Brad (of TiPik, WTF and TKMB pen  Tactical Keychains) and Philip Kaufman (of the ScrewGrabber project) designed a piece I knew right away that, with those peers,  would be a great project to get behind.

Pay no mind to the CQB dagger beside it. It's a complete coincidence that their forms are remotely similar.

Milled from sheets of Ti-6Al-4V, otherwise known as "Grade 5"titanium, these pieces are approximately 178 mm (7") long, 25mm (1") at its widest, and 1.6mm (1/16") thick.

The Tiletto features chamfered sides that can act as straight edges for assisting in lines drawing or scoring, to cleanly tear pieces of paper, and to open letters, packages and parcels. I've not encountered a taped box the Tiletto can't safely get into in our regular deliveries.

Either end of the Tiletto,  has different shapes / characteristics to use as a flad-head driver, or an improvised phillips head, and can also be used as a pry bar to take on small jobs such as car and can opening.

Further adding to its functionality, the Tiletto features a set of wrench openings in its belly, with the inch-calibrated version offering: 9/16", 1/2", 7/16", 5/16", and a 1/4 inch hex-bit driver in the center.

The millimeter-calibrated version offers: 13mm, 12mm, 10mm, 8mm, and a 1/4 inch hex-bit driver in the center. I got one of each, adding to Omega's keychain collection as well

I've found quiet utility in having this too sitting in the PALS/MOLLE webbing of my  Hazard4 LaunchPad iPad sleeve.

Following Steve's suggestion, I've even used it as  a fid on larger-diameter poly-rope, and have stirred my tea with it. It is an elegant piece, slimline and innocuous for  what it offers. As with many of my pieces, it is multifunctional and hardy. Although, best to be aware that whilst it is half as dense, and offers twice the tensile strength of 316 stainless steel, it isn't a miracle metal like adamantium. 

Still, its a gorgeous tool that I am glad to have added to my collection and hope to give it a lot of use as the days roll on.

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