Sunday, August 18, 2013

Review: Ti2 Sentinel S4S cache

Following on from my brief review of the Ti2 SentinelX macro-cache  the maker, Mike Bond was kind enough to send me an example of his previous project, the Titanium Ti2 Sentinel "S" series.

This cache (seen here on a ring along side my other keychain toys the Jil Lite Constel LED microlight and my Cybernetic Research Labs Tactical Whistle.) is made from grade 2 titanium, purported to as strong as steel at half the weight, I must say, I am enjoying the booming Ti gadget boom that we are in.

This piece measures 0.5" x 2.75" externally, and has internal dimensions of 0.37" x 1"
The best part of the design is that it will open from both ends, a philosophy that Mike has passed on to his Sentinel X project as well. This means you can access the contents of your cache from either end, or clear a blockage.

As well as the water tight o-ring seal design. The threading is a custom square design, resistant to cross-threading, less susceptible to damage from dropping and turns eight turns to open into three turns, through its efficient mechanism.

There are fluted, ergonomic grip areas on both the end and tail caps, and the end cap has a large ring slot which can host a wide range of rings, clips, and lanyards.

The titanium has been stonewashed, it is corrosion resistant, sleek and satin finished, these are some very well machined caches. You should check the range here...

I found that the S4S was very small, too short for a needle and thread but perhaps it would work well as a pill fob, a stash for contact info. The longer and wider models would easily accommodate a lot more, but for me, I have filled mine with a very fine product from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's, for when I need to mask my natural scents ...

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