Friday, August 2, 2013

Review: Princeton TEC - Switch MPLS light

I wanted to get a light to mount to my helmet, especially following my experiences with the helmet cams offered as part of the IRL Shooter: Patient Zero zombie experience which was that they came out really dark. Having easy to use illumination is so very useful in any low-light situation, especially if you need your hands free, or just want to light up where you are pointing your head. In front, or down at the ground.

That's where the Princeton TEC Switch MPLS comes in.

At just 17g, and running off 2 2016 Lithium Coin Cell batteries, this is not a heavyweight torch, but rather a very specific light source for specific duties. 

A single tap of the button gives a low light red LED glow, a double tap, the high intensity red LED light and with a two second hold, the
10 Lumen white LED is activated.

IR is also an option, with the right model. I didn't get the IR version.

The long, firm swan-neck allowed me to adjust the beam as I needed, whilst remaining stable and out of the way. The locking mechanism was also very secure, with a twist and multiple click system, which also gave a little bit of adjustment customization.

MICH Helmet and MOLLE mounts came standard with the MPLS, whereas the Picatinny Rail and Helmet Rail system mounts came in a second, accessory pack, be aware what you need!

With a 36 hour runtime, I expect that I will get a lot of use out of mine, not only mounting it to my bump helmet but also attaching it to myself and my kit when I go adventuring. I expect that the darkened obstacles at Tough Mudder and The Stampede will be a great opportunity to use them.  

I really liked having the two red-light settings, with a separate white-light option. Light discipline is something I really appreciate, especially when camping, and really don't enjoy getting a face full of photons because someone has a Dolphin Torch and wants to wave it around.

This unobtrusive, slimline light will get the job done!

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