Friday, February 22, 2013

Review: Tactical Whistle

I really am a sucker for shiny Kickstarter projects, and this was no exception. A -tactical- whistle you ask? Well, the Cybernetic Research design engineers built a whistle that meets many aerospace and MIL-spec standards, and designed it to perform in all kinds of environments, conditions and do so well.

It features a "three flute" design which provides three specific "voices" which were designed to increase audible recognition over long distances, cut through the background noises caused by weather, rushing water, air and ground traffic, as well as other noises.

According to Cybernetic Research the primary central frequency is 3150 Hz which they cite government regulations as producing the most piercing sound over the widest range of detrimental conditions. The other two voices are designed to fill what they call the "overall acoustical profile at frequencies between the primary 3150 Hz output and its various harmonics both above and below the primary".

With no moving parts, no rattle, a stepped knurled surface for positive grip under poor conditions, and a really low-breath requirement for sounding it, this is a great little whistle. They offered it in anodised aluminium, stainless steel, brass and titanium. I opted for the OD green aluminium, which weighed in at 14.6 g, and sits all but unnoticeable in my pocket, waiting for a need to be heard. The split ring allows for lanyard or pack-attachment, and I think i'll be adding mine to my keychain.

Here is a video of my testing it, with my iPhone volume app, "Sound Level" , and as you can see, (and hear) it gives a 100+dB scream, and the clip doesn't give the ear-ringing multi-phasic tone justice.

Signalling with a whistle is one of the simplest, easiest and most recognizable means of survival communication, and I can't recommend them enough. This is a whistle that will certainly make an impression should I have the need, and I think I'll be able to depend on it to always be ready, no matter what.


  1. Awww.. MAAAAAN!

    Now there's ANOTHER thing I want!


    1. well, yes ... but it makes a nice pocket-fob ... and man, does it wail ....

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