Saturday, February 9, 2013

Home Front: Disruptive Thinking

Some recent events have spurred me to thoughts of preparation, self preservation and looking to become a little more self-dependent. The idea of thinking "outside the box" has always been very appealing to me. Doing the same thing, the same way over and over may work, but not having other means is a sure fire path to being caught out when situations change. Alternate strategies, and more than that, alternate thinking is required.
This patch is a great reminder of this, from SnakeDr and Last Ditch Kit and is a visual demonstration of how to overcome adversity, from new angles. Not being boxed in by expectations!

Disruptive thinking is another aspect of preparation that is often overlooked in the light of the shiny toys, kit and gear. In the event of disaster, a lot of common curtsey, and everyday thinking suddenly becomes fairly irrelevant. Getting in and out of places, getting away from threats, and facing them directly, these are all occasions where this is a distinct advantage. In my martial arts, one aspect of training is around the idea of concentration, and focus, and how to disrupt your opponents focus, and concentration. the kiai we shout, both acts to focus ourselves, but also to break and disrupt our opponent. The concept of seme of mentally putting pressure on your opponent is also key. Disrupt your enemies. Disrupt any opposition. And always, as this picture indicates ... know your exit strategy.

There is another aspect to all this. This is probably more in keeping with the rest of my blog thus far. Being prepared, being kitted out, and having a good stash of EDC gear, a cache of Bug-In supplies, a Bug-Out-Bag, or whatever, but without the nonce to actually DO something, when the need arises, it wont count for much.

This patch, from my friends at HORNEST bears their motto, Tempori servire meaning "adapt to the situation". One must always be flexible enough take advantage of the situation, to make best use of your skills, equipment and disposition, whilst at the same time

Disrupt your oppositions thinking.
Stay out of the Box.
Adapt to your Situation.


  1. Good stuff,


    Always have an escape plan...

    1. my pleasure ... snatch bag review on its way soon....


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