Friday, February 1, 2013

Review: ITS / Zulu Nylon Gear skeletonised bottle carrier

One of my Giftmas presents has gotten a good workout, and as it turns out, this was another of my wish-lust items that was realised. Ive been using a much loved Platatac FUP to carry my poor battered 1L SIGG for the last few years, and its been a great fit, giving shade and some protection to boot.

However, There was something delightful in the lines and modularity in the ITS / ZuluNylonGear collaborative effort of their
modular skeletonized container sling.

Finally getting my paws on one, I wanted to show you just how modular, and hardy this sling is.

Here you can see it strapped to the front of the helmet carrier of my Bullock Echo daypack, where the FUP had previously sat. Plenty of room to attach it again, should I want a double-bottle setup, and still room for the SAR Global Tool Eclipse signal system tag.

The coyote colour was a nice match to the Platatac Khaki that most of my gear is, and it certainly blends smoothly.

Here is where the magic really is. The 1L Nalgene bottle is a pretty wide load, too wide for my Platatac FUP (although they do have the WUP, expressly designed to fit this bottle) The ITS sling is modular, in that it can be adjusted to fit almost any container. You can see here the interface between the two "arm" straps and the base strap, which is sandwiched and locked into place by the hook-and-loop layers.

The elastic shock-cord bottle retainer loop is initially fed through the top of three channels available, which I've indicated here with zip-ties. I like that I can use these to drop down the loop to retain other containers, be they bottles, can or jars, They also offer attachment options for dummy-cording items to the sling, lids, filters, funnels or cups, if needed.

Lastly, the four channel, one row PALLS/MOLLE attachment at the back is more than adequate to attach, fix and carry a fully laden 1L bottle, both on a pack or by manipulating the channels to act as a belt-loop, on the hip.

As with the Zulu Nylon Gear CAOS admin pouch this is a bang-up piece if kit. Rugged, modular and multifunctional, just the way I like, and just what I hoped it would be. Wish-Lust made reality!

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