Sunday, January 26, 2014

Review: Tactical Keychains - TiPiK

The maker of the WTF tool, the recently well publicised TiKeY, (not to mention the very cool Keychain Grenade ,  Brad of Tactical Keychains also put together a very bad-assed set of lock picks, made to fit his TiKey (or in this case, his equally cool TiKeY Mini).

This very well crafted set of titanium lock picks, includes a variety of pick types, most of which are very uniquely designed.  These are the TiPiKs.

As well as your more standard "hook" types, brad has designed several combination rakes, with both half-diamond and half-round elements.

He also included a twin-faced tool, for double sided cam-locks (as seen in a lot of small cash-boxes, glass display cases and teenage diaries, apparently).

Each of the picks ends in a "quick flip" head, with a 3/16" hole to mound neatly in most key-keepers.

As well as the seven picks in this set, there are also two tension wrenches; one with a standard key-hole hole, for secure mounting, and the other with an ingenious and very highly machined "clip-on" tension wrench, which due to its high tolerance construction, and the innate properties of titanium, simple clips in and out of the far pin of the MINI TiKeY key-keeper, held in place by the tensioning washers.

What this leaves you with is a very compact set of very highly engineered picks, including two tension wrenches, in a very innocuous but pleasant looking package. I had my TiKeY MINI anodized in "steampunk bronze and blue" because that's how I roll, and I've really enjoyed using the set, and having it sit in my pocket, ready to pull out and fiddle with my collection of practice locks when I've had some time to kill.

Brad and I agree that the size of the head of the tension wrench can make it tricky to place, but the convenience of a small set more than makes up for the need for more dexterity. Compare it to the Oscar Delta titanium Bogata set, and you'll see for yourself.

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  1. Awesome! I think I like your colors the best, they really look great! :D


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