Thursday, January 16, 2014

Home Front: help Brad out! WTFs, TiKeY, TiPik sets!

You may remember the TiKeY that I recently covered (the article was picked up by Recoil Magazine, awesome, thanks guys) and the titanium WTF tool I covered a while back.

After being inundated with hits, and requests for product, it sounds like his lathe has up and died.
For those who don't know, as well as the WTF, TiKey sets and the TiPiK's (review to come this week, I hope), Brad is also the creator of the Bottle Grenade and has his fully funded TiPen project in the midst of production.

Brad needs your help need help! His lathe is going to cost 4-6k to fix, so he is doing a massdrop.

MassDrop link for the mini-TiKeY & TiPiK sets

also one for the WTF's

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