Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Review: Pry/Open pocket tool

Shaped like a Battlestar and just as tough.

I backed this via Kickstarter back in May 2013, and it's been sitting in my pocket since August 2013. I've never once thought about stripping it from my collection of pocket tools, and most days, I don't even think about it being there. Unobtrusive is high on my list of desirable features in a pocket widget, and this certainly lives up to that expectation.

Matt Hall of Obstructures is a designer with a vision I can appreciate. This tool is evidence of that.

This sand-blasted stainless steel tool is only 9.5cm (3 3/4”) long and a touch under 5mm (3/16") thick and yet offers some serious prying action. The front end is split with a nail-puller, and each prong is slightly different, offering two different screw-driving options.

The tool features jimping on both sides, promoting solid thumb-grip when using either end of the tool, which is very forwards thinking.

The back end features a single, broad pry edge, as well as small hole to attach a lanyard or split ring, as well a bottle opener.

A slit with a narrow neck facilitates looping through a belt loop, or looping over a pocket edge, which is where I wear mine almost exclusively. It was designed to fit into and sit snugly into MOLLE webbing too, which is an awesome thing for a designer to come out and say.

The middle of the tool is skeletonised to enable the provided cable ring which you might think is a strange place to fit a keychain, but there is method to the madness.
By placing the cable ring in that central gap, you can flip the bundled goodies from one end to the other of the tool, freeing up the working end from the carrying end.

Not clanking my bottled beverage with a collection of keychain tools is all good and well, but anyone with a keychain screw-driver can attest to how annoying trying to loosen a stuck screw is with a collection of keys in the way. This is a tool that I don't worry about snapping when prying open cans or the occasional locked drawer.

Some very forward thinking design has gone into this, as well as some bomb-proof, no-nonsense ergonomic choices. All set to frak up some toasters!


  1. If I may ask, what are the tools on your cable ring? Thanks!

    1. Sure thing!


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