Monday, August 4, 2014

400 Posts! - Indexes: now with more entries!

 So, another little milestone for my efforts, this is my 400th published entry.

From the first post till now, since December 2, 2011 till August 4 2014 I've been tapping away, reviewing, adventuring, testing and fooling about.

I've had some great luck with some awesome contacts, and gotten to try out some really cool kit along the way, as well as making some good friends and hopefully entertaining and maybe even educating some folks out there.

Here's how I reflected on the last few milestones:

300th Post; a call-out for guest writers (thanks Tony)

200th Post; my Mayan calendar loadout post.

100th Post; a Q&A request, that garnered no comments or questions.

1st Post; outlining what I hope to accomplish with the writing.

Work-life has been a bit hectic recently, eating into my writing capacity (the cheek!) but I hope to be in a mental state to be able get a bunch more out over the next few weeks whilst the Contracts people work their glacial magic.

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