Monday, July 9, 2012

Review: LazerBrite magnetic tail cap

I was fortunate to win a Single-Mode LazerBrite recently, the MultiLux version of which I reviewed a while back, but shipping my booty over from the US wasn't especially economical, by itself that is. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to add to my collection of kit and exciting modularity, I threw one of their Micro-Magnet tail caps into my order. I already have the tail cap loops, for attaching lanyards to the LazerBrites, and reviewed one of their "Tactical Pouches" which included an iris tube accessory.

Each of the lights comes with one of the glow-dome caps, so adding a Micro-Magnet cap just added a level of versatility to my load-out. So, what makes up the Micro-Magnet tailcap?

A 17mm (10/16") diameter neodymium alloy magnet is glued into the base of a screw threaded tail-cap, which mates withe the base-plate of the LaserBrite head. The magnet is reported to have a holding power equivalent to 5 lbs when attached to 1/4" plate steel, but with all magnets, actual results may vary. I took mine and fitted it to just the head-and-dome and let it dangle off the steel frame of my desk, which is did happily, and firmly, and as a more stringent test, I placed a full LazerBrite horizontally, then seeing how rigidly it held, daisy-chained a second tube to the end, forming a light-baton. This also held up really well. I have used this to stick to the side of my car, as well as doors and wall-fittings whilst working in awkward spots, and figure it could also provide a means of dangling a light from inside a tent with the addition of a washer or the like.

This is a cool addition to my kit, and gives me additional attachment methods for my lights, which whilst not quite up to being a giant Throwie, could easily be used as a marker to track, trace or illuminate an unfriendly neighborhood killdozer

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