Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Review: Platatac/Gerber branded cap

Ok, here's a quick one, to keep you interested, and keep me in practice.

This is a promotional item that came with a deal when I purchased my Gerber Strap Cutter and I must say, it's pretty cool. Ok, so it's just a cap, there isn't all that much to it. Yet, there are a couple of things still to say. As well as being well made and solidly put together, with a nice fit on my hairy head, and a good bill-geometry, the front of the cap features a hook-and-look loop field which has Gerber branded embroidery directly sewn through it into the body of the cap. Great for morale patches, or in fact, attaching laser-tag sensors for when I go Stargate lasertag LRPing. Along the sides of the cap, in subdued colours are the Playtpus Outdoors  and Platatac logos and an Australian (and/or New Zealand) flag on the back. All beautifully embroidered. The cap itself is a darker green than their usual khaki, but still a nice shade, I thought.

So, why does a hat matter? Several reasons spring to mind. Head covers reduce your exposure, to the elements, be they sun, snow or rain, and also to unfriendly eyes. Shiny foreheads, bright flowing locks, distinctive faces and the like can give your away at times where not being seen is an advantage, get in the way or just let the sun rain or dust get in your face when you need to be "eyes-on".

I always pack a hat, it's a little thought of element of your EDC, serves a variety of functions and rarely draws unwanted attention.

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