Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Review: KA-BAR Zombie Killer sheathes

Having now reviewed each of the Four Horsemen of
Ka-Bar Zombie Killer Knives
, I wanted to give some attention to the sheathes that each came with. The reason being that these are not just simply somewhere to hold your knife, but significant kit in their own rights.

There are two sizes, one for each of the two sizes of blades, the "Death" Dagger and "Famine" Tanto are the smaller two, with the "War" Sword and the "Pestilence" Chopper being the two larger two.

The front of the sheathes features a hook-and-loop field for patches, drawstrings to close the large front pouches on each. A couple of grommets at the bottom to allow it to be lashed to your thigh whilst worn on a belt. The back of the sheathes feature three distinct MOLLE regions; a 2x2 and two 2x3 sets, for fixing it to other MOLLE kit, like a plate carrier, battle belt, pack or drop-leg rig. The MOLLE loops are just that, simple loops, the sheathe offers no PALS attachment straps to feed into whatever you are mounting it to, for that you'd have to look to something like the Maxpedition 3"or 5" TacTie to do so.

Each of the sheathes features a twin press-stud closure to secure your primary blade, the lower of the two clasps also features a hook-and-loop backing so you can flatten it down, out of the way if only the top one is in use. You can see a second set of eyelets through the back of the belt-loop here if further lashings are desired. That versatility is a very desirable component, and I was totally not surprised that KA-BAR had thought about it.
The scabbard part of this piece is made of the same GFN-PA66 plastic that the scales of the blades these are made for are fitted out with, and you can see here that as well as the main scabbard, for the big blade, the complementary Acheron blade has its own integrated GFN-PA66 scabbard, complete with press-stud closing flap. Again and again, KA-BAR shows that even in the little details, they have thought out ways to make a good accessory.

Lastly is the large outer pocket, which is fitted with a drawstring closure, and ships with this hank of the same toxic/radioactive green showstring seen in the drawstring, which matches the green scales on the handles of the big blades themselves. The pocket is spacious enough to fit several tennis balls. If you don't think that is hard-core enough, well, let Henry V fill you in as to why this is important. That said, it gives you an idea of the capacity of this pocket. It seems to me a good place to stow a small medical kit, fire-starting or sharpening tools, a spare magazine if you are that way inclined, or a snack.

The heavy Cordura type fabric is well finished, heavily stitched and reinforced and the length of the sheath is stiff, both from the internal fixed scabbards, but also from its construction, which gives a very sturdy, dependable and rugged tool in and of itself. Standard black, it may well stand out from the rest of your kit, unless that's the colour scheme you are going with. I really like these sheathes, they are perfect for the Zombie Killer knives they are designed for, and look forwards to fitting them to my kit, especially in the event of an occasion to make full use of them. Let's see if they stack up like Gerber's Apocalypse Kit seen in AMC's Walking Dead

Ka-Bar Zombie Killer Knives
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