Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Review: KA-BAR Zombie "War" Sword

In my third installment of the
Ka-Bar Zombie Killer Knives
series, and following on from the "Death" Dagger and the "Famine" Tanto I bring to you KA-BAR's rendering of the formidable tool of the bloody-handed god, rider of the red horse War. In fitting fashion, the KA-BAR "War" Sword, whilst being more of a big knife than a short sword, to my mind (the line is often hotly debated by blade enthusiasts) its lines harken to the ancient Greek Kopis swords, which featured a heavy forward sweeping, chopping head to the blade.

KA_BAR's take on this blade is a big and beefy blade, a logical progression from the Dagger and Tanto, and again as different to these two. Featuring the same SK5 steel, lurid green GFN-PA66 scales (again, with black versions included to take the glare off) and tough bead coated anti-glint finish as the other blades in this series, the "War" Sword stretches out to 38cm (15-1/8"), 24cm (9-3/4") of which is gently curving edge. The blade weighs in at 450g (1 lbs) but given the balance, feels much livelier in the hand than the Tanto, I found. The edge geometry is the same 20 degree taper-grind seen in the rest of this line, but the primary grind runs all the way from the spine of the blade, with a length of the back of the head of the blade having a secondary grind, for about the third of the width, presumably to reduce the weight slightly, a very subtle addition.

The whole of the blade "sits back" of the mid-line of the handle, as seen in the "Death" Dagger, with the edge sitting close to the finger line, with the spine of the blade sitting beyond the back of the handle. This allows for the back of the blade to feature a deeply crenelated thumb-grip much like that seen in the "Death" Dagger, allowing for a choked up, "thumb-on-top grip" useful for a variety of styles. I should add that these crenelations are very comfortable on the hand. Big enough to grip, not so big as to gouge. Similarly the front finger guard is a good size, and certainly gives the feeling of stopping fingers slipping forwards onto the blade.

I really like how this blade feels in the hand, combining a hefty but not heavy slashing and cutting blade, with a tip capable of stabbing. It certainly feels lively in the hand, as if it were willing slashes and strikes.

Ka-Bar Zombie Killer Knives
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