Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wish Lust: Skinth Solutions - TrailBlazer Pouches

Swiped from Skinth Solutions website
I have now had several people point me towards these pouches for some time now, and whilst I haven't managed to lay-hands on one, I still wanted to show them off, because they appear to have tremendous potential.

Although Skinth offer several different options of pouch, but I'm going to focus on one in particular.This is the TrailBlazerw (woops, [edit], Skinth let me know these pictures are the slightly larger Catch All ) which was was originaly designed by Skinth toorganize fire starting and small survival kits.
Their other pouches are different sizes, shapes, but all follow the same design philosophy, so this will give you a good idea of what they're about.

Constructed from 1000D Cordura, with V70 stitching, this is a hefty pouch, and is fitted with Fastex style buckles and is 3″ wide, 1.5″ deep and 4″ long.

Swiped from Skinth Solutions website
Internally, in the main compartment there is a divider to slide a regular sized Altoids tin survival kit against the back. Each side tube pocket is 1.25″ in diameter, lots of room for items and even 4″ multitools.
Swiped from Skinth Solutions website

As well as this there are as a standard feature, offering 5 pockets to organize small items. This "Penta-Pocket" system (one behind each side tube, one 2.5″x3″ flat pocket and two 1″x3″ in front) allows for a variety of small items to be secured. I can envisage ferrocerium fire-starter rods, Lockpicks, a WTF tool or any of the other small, needful items that I've covered thus far.

There are elastic pen-flaps sewn to the front panel, for pens, safety sheers or a clipped knife, adding to the gear-density of these pouches.

The backing of the pouch comes with 2″ wide hook-and-loop closing belt loops, but the joy of Skinth pouches is the "optional extra" options they offer. In the case of the TrailBlazer, they offer pairs of stainless steel belt clips, MOLLE attachment webbing or even horizontal strapping for bag strap carry. Key hanging loops, 13 colour options, even bag hanging straps.

These are a well designed bridge between chest-worn admin pouches and satchel like pouches. Stores your gear, where you want, for when you want. I've seen things like this being worn by nurses and EMT's at work, and would love to get my hands on one of Skinth Solutions versions.

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