Thursday, February 20, 2014

Review: ZASC Bag Tags

These are some cool accessories I saw on one of the forums I am on, and put in an order. International shipping can be a real pain, but eventually, they arrived and I immediately put them to work. The philosophy of Zombie Apocalypse Survival Camp is the hope to teach its members to be a better survivor. They offer instructors for topics such as fire craft, water filtration, emergency bag necessities, cold weather survival and more.

They produced these tags as a means to help a survivor quickly and identify items in your cache, pack or bunker cupboard.

With a fire-craft, hydration, first aid, food-prep/rations and a glow-in-the-dark special edition illumination tag, I have labeled my every-day pack, the much vaunted Platatac Bullock Echo daypack .

These little tags haven't added any bulk, are relatively quiet and are certainly clear enough, with both colour and glyph making it pretty easy to distinguish between their purposes.

These offer a bit more variety than standard patches might, which certainly cover medic/IFAK identification but doesn't have a lot to offer other disciplines. Which is where the tags come in, filling in the gap. The etched flashlight on the glow in the dark tag is a bit hard to see both in daylight and in the dark, but it's not really been a problem thus far.

Obviously these wouldn't work for someone who needed to fully blend in, in matching camouflage, but when lugging and lumping it away from urban devastation, like in The Road, it certainly would do you some good.

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