Monday, June 18, 2012

Review: Zazz - Survive Army Fire Steel tool

The good people at Zazz were kind enough to send me one of these little guys this week. I have quite the collection of fire-steel's now, between my Swedish FireSteel (which was a gift a number of years ago, and has a prize position in my EDC) and the fire steels found in both my Gerber Bear- Grylls Basic and also in the Gerber Bear Grylls Ulitimate survival kits.  I really like these pieces of kit. They work in the rain, in the snow and last for thousands of strikes.

This one has some additional features which are worth mentioning. Firstly, a goodly sized ferrocerium rod (all the better for striking with) and a saw-toothed striking steel. The back side of the striking steel is marked with millimeters to act as a small ruler. The body of the striker, as well as being dished to better fit the thumb, is also equipped with a signalling whistle. Lastly, the body of the ferrocerium rod is also equipped with a button compass.
Here are some shots of me testing out the striker, a very impressive rain of hot sparks, certainly enough to light a camp-stove at the first strike, and can get tinder going in no time at all, in good conditions.

Including a compass is a terrific idea, even if it is not up to military grade navigation, it is far better to have -any- compass rather than none at all. Rod and striker are affixed with a nylon cord and a stopper. The cord appears to be sufficient to reduce the effect of the steel on the compass, for rough navigation, at least.

I'll leave you with the packaging, which is quite entertaining in and of its own right.

I'm certainly going to include this is one of my packs, because frankly, not being without a source of fire is something I strongly encourage. Now to decide which one to put it in!

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