Monday, September 24, 2012

Review: CountyComm Premium EMT / Combat Shears

These are another part of the batch of gear that I got from CountyComm, I've had a set previously, but I passed them along to a my partner Anna, who had need of them. These are the Premium EMT Shears by Maratac. These are the full size versions, but they also make a much more compact version, but I wanted the full sized version to maximize my cutting power.

The first thing to note about these sheers are the cutting edges. The two arms have quite different features, in that one is a sheepsfoot tip (to reduce the chances of penetration) and has a predominantly flat cutting edge. The opposing arm has fine saw-like teeth in the stainless steel blade, no point at all, and a flattened lip that runs at 90 degrees to arms, giving a platform to run the shears against, when cutting clothes off a person, or the like. You can see that the shears have fullers pressed into them, giving them increased rigidity and shear strength.

The area behind the rivet also features two notches, for stripping wire, something I'd be otherwise afraid to do with the shears, as a result of the very aggressive cutting power they possess. These are some no-nonsense tools, and I have every faith that they will serve me well, for all my first aid and emergency trauma uses, they also cut zip-ties to get flex-cuffs off prisoners, open burlap bags to feed my chookens, open packing boxes, cutting tins to make BBQ-coal starters and they even cut coins, for when you get sick of capitalism and need to stick it to "the man".

The handles are an impact resistant composite, seen here in "desert brown" and are smooth edged, and the finger-recesses big enough that I can fit three fingers in a squeeze into the big ring, or two comfortably with work-gloves on. I can't recommend a set of these enough, they will cleanly, and efficiently brutalise anything you need to cut safely and with precision. I don't look forwards to having to cut someone out of their mangled boots, but I ever need to, these will be something I reach for!


  1. Sticking it to the man!

    Why take off that pesky bra when you can cut your lovely lady out of it.. underwire and all!

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