Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Review: Tactical Cache

Here's a quick on for you whilst I keep working on my next big post ...

This was a stretch goal from another Kickstarter I have previously reported on, the Tactical Whistle.

Produced by Cybernetic Research Laboratories I again opted for the anodized aluminium version (rather than steel, brass or titanium. This was a cost-saving choice rather than anything else, although I have nothing against aluminum and in this application, as with the whistle, I didn't need anything fancy. Again in the "OD" green, which I must say is a bit more forest green to my eye, it matches my Tactical whistle nicely.

With inner dimensions of 6.3cm (2.485") deep and 1.4cm (0.578") diameter, which to give you an idea, fits a AAA battery. Over all it is 6.8cm (2.7") long and 1.9cm  (0.75") in diameter and 24g (0.85oz) in weight.

A pretty cute little package, a highly engineered piece, finely finished.

The outer shell, like that of the Tactical Whistle, is covered with a stepped,  knurled surface which gives improve grip in cold, wet or icy conditions. They really do provide a very good surface, without tearing up casual contacts.

Having a very well sealing, crush proof, storage can be a lifesaver. I envisage carrying fishing line, hooks and sinkers, matches and tinder, notes and messages, cash or a number of other key "get out of trouble" items.

With it's split ring for ease of lashing, I have hooked it to the side of my Bullock Echo pack, or left it dangling off my keychain.

As Karl of OscarDelta SPD rightly states "they can't take it if they can't find it" and this little cache fits the bill nicely.

Here it is up against the Jill Lite micro lantern, Oscar Delta Deep Carry Tube and the Tactical Whistle. 

A good item to add to my EDC. Now to fill it sensibly.  

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