Friday, April 5, 2013

Events: Melbourne Camping and Caravan Show

I went to the Melbourne Camping and Caravan Expo a few weeks ago, and saw a variety of really cool things. I have never really been into the "caravan" holiday, but I'll show you a few of the cool things we saw that day. Some good survival and apocalypse equippedness items and kits ...

This is the OzPig, a portable potbelly stove, fully fitted with chimney, legs, cooking plates, grills and its own carry bag. I want one!
Here is the stand from Camping With Hillbilly who stock a full range of cast iron cooking gear. 

Well worth a look in to stock up on campfire capable cook-wear, for when fossil fuels are unavailable.

I also say some truly innovative kayaks from Kayak And Sail, with built in, fish-fin peddle power!

In both single and tandem models these are fitted with all the mod-cons, rivaling the AquaYak's for features, but at a much higher end of the market. Outside my range for sure for the toodeling I am likely to get out of them.

However, they were an amazing design.

AND they came in modular bi/trimaran versions, with SAILS!!!
I also dropped in at the Pelican stand, and checked out some serious storage cases. This one had cutouts that particularly appealed to me. mmmm.

They also stocked laptop, phone, tablet cases. Sport backpacks, remote area lights and partnered with MGLSAT Satellite systems.
Here is a really cool  product (review to follow) from Hydration Technology Innovations Australia . It is a range of Forward Osmosis pouches, packs and bladders to extract potable water from everything from pond water to open seawater!

I will have a hands-on review of these things coming up soon, stay tuned!

More kayaks (this time from Anaconda). It's good to get comparisons... that way you know what you're getting ...

These are an example of the range of the OzTents fast-setup tents.

Canvas sided and fully fitted out, this range of tents is fully modular, comes in stand alone, 4WD mountable and with a range of accessories like camp beds, chairs, porta-potty rooms and showers, it was a really impressive lineup.

Then we started to see some caravans ....

Not your parents little white caravans though. We're talking some serious modular pop-up and fold out storage from Echo 4x4

I really liked the way these were almost maritime in their construction. Fold out kitchenettes and pantries and beds. Oh my.

I really liked the frames, the rugged design, and the utility of this. It really took my fancy.

Then we saw this purpose built camper-truck, which was also pretty cool.

Made by Trailblazers RV this self-contained camper truck hassome serious potential as a Mad-Max style deathmobile. I approve.

The TVAN's of TrackTrailer raised the bar with compact pop-out trailers, with this hydraulic and hinged offering, looking for all the world like something you'd see in a pre-rampage Jurassic Park.

Built in solar panels, water storage, as well as modular pop-out tenting, varying from a simple drop down screen, all the way up to a substantial family sized pavilion, I was really impressed. As was Tactical Baby!

Topping it all off, was the outstanding range from Conqueror Australia, with their Urban Escape Vehicles.

I was really impressed, almost awestruck, by this range. Several models, built with some serious off-roading, and modularity in mind and yet so very full of features to add comfort to a serious getaway.

Of the two models showcased at the expo, the larger, as you might expect was the more impressive, with two twin bedding options, a full kitchen that rivals some in rental properties I've lived in, as well as a full electrical suite.

These were serious vehicles, for serious get-out-of-Dodge'ers.

With full awnings, expanding compartments and a tough-as-nails construction, my money would be on one of these.

All in all, it was a very big day for us, and whilst I didn't see as many things, or talk to as many vendors with products of interest to me as I would have liked, these examples truly shine as excellent items to keep in mind, when looking for your own next adventure!

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