Thursday, April 4, 2013

Wish Lust: 5-11 Tactical - Tactical Duty Kilt

Last April Fool's Day, 5-11 Tactical issued a statement that they would be producing a Tactical Duty Kilt, to go alongside their Tactical Duty Shorts and little did they know that they would be swamped, inundated with demand for it. They actually produced a small run of them, and unfortunately I was unable to get one here in Australia, even getting in touch with Alex Kavgas in Inside Sales at 5-11 Tactical (Australia).

All for naught.

In the last few days, following on from this years April Fool's Day, Scruffy Wallace of the Drop Kick Murphys issued a challenge to the CEO of 5-11 Tactical, Tom Davin and news was out!

Today in my Facebook feed, I saw that Mr Davin not only accepted the challenge, but upped the stakes, the winnings to us the kilt wearers, and to the charities that will benefit.

As a long time kilt-wearer, I am fully looking forwards to seeing this come to fruition!

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