Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review: Sea To Summit - Ultra-Sil Duffle

Do you ever find yourself with suddenly more loot than you were expecting, and no way of stowing it? I have, on numerous occasions. Having a few strategically placed recyclable shopping bags is all good and well, and they are no doubt a boon on the environment over the standard plastic dolphin-choker supermarket baggie but they aren't what I would call rugged. Most are good for living in the boot of my car, or in the kitchen shelf, awaiting runs to the supermarket, and perhaps day-trips without much hauling, but I like to be ready for serious salvage and swag. I was fortunate enough to be provided with a very nifty solution this last Giftmas, which I will share with you here.
This is the Sea To Summit Ultra-Sil Duffle and it is very cool. Ultra-Sil is a lightweight silicone treated nylon by Cordura, and the bag weighs in at 80g, and yet opens up to a 40L capacity duffle bag. The trick to it is that the whole bag carries itself in a key-chain sized stuff-sack, and unfurls to give the user a 56cm x 28cm x 25cm bag, complete with sturdy twin-strap carry handles and a well fitted zipper closure. The stitching is all Bar tacked at the stress points, and never gives me any hint of stress with the loads I've placed on it thus far (mostly clothes). Being a silicone treated fabric, it is very water resistant, but its worth noting that the seams are not sealed, and it is not intended as a waterproof bag. It comes with a key-chain attachment flap, so you can fit it to your keys, or dangle it off whatever gear you are running.

That said, for what it is; a lightweight, carry-compact yet spacious sack, I am very impressed and grateful that it was gifted to me.

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