Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Review: Jackeroo Shirt

My recent foray into Tough Mudder gave me a reason to break out my safari shirt: Our Team, the Funk-A-Mentals had a 70's theme, and my best offering to this was this khaki safari-shirt, by Jackeroo, the same people who brought you the Hooded Vest I reviewed previouslyy. This was also a Giftmas present, same year, same batch. Made from a fast-drying nylon outer and polyester liner as the vest, and hardy stitching throughout, this is a durable shirt, that just happens to look like it fell out of Jurassic Park. I don't mind that at all, and happily wore it to work on a number of occasions.
One of the great features was the pectoral pockets which fasten with hook-and-loop and have an internal pocket on the left side as well. This was sufficiently well closed to withstand the Tough Mudder mud, water and crawling around, and not loose my spare Contour GPS battery. It also features a extendable fold-up collar, for those times when getting a sunburnt neck doesn't appeal. Another interesting and well placed feature is the mesh lining around the shoulders, and vents under the arms. I found that in an urban setting, the material actually made me a bit sweaty, whilst out and about in the wind this wasn't nearly as much of a problem. Somewhere along the line the shirt picked up a weird blue stippled stain over one shoulder, which reduced its work-wear potential, and I popped a button adventuring. These things made it an ideal piece of clothing to put through Tough Mudder. I can tell you, that is a pretty harsh test for clothing's durability.
I saw a lot of discarded gloves, shirts, socks and trail-packs. I wasn't planning to discard anything, though at several points as I was caked in an inch of mud over my entire body I did feel like shedding layers just to drop that mass. However, the material of this shirt sloughed off the mud fairly easily, didn't get snagged or hooked up on any of the obstacles, be it the Berlin Walls, trench crawls or cargo nets, and once I got to running, dried speedily and broke the heavy headwind nicely. The sleeves were cut such that I could do all the crawling, climbing and scrambling I needed to without hindrance.

As you can see, it got fairly cruddy, but after a couple of washes, it was as good as new. Or at least, as good as "before Tough Mudder". If K-Mart still stocks these, I'd be strongly considering picking a couple more up, in long-sleeve, to add to my adventure-wear.

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