Friday, April 20, 2012

100th Post: Questions and Answers

Hi there!
Thanks for reading, and hopefully, thanks for continuing along thus far.

I'd like a moment to re-welcome you to Apocalypse Equipped, which I've been writing since the beginning of December 2011.

This is a place for me to write about one of my passions: acquiring, using and carrying hardy and rugged gear that I feel will keep me prepared for disaster, if and when it strikes. It's a testbed, a review of my collection and a lifestyle both talking about, and thinking about preparedness.

It's place for me to review the various rugged, nifty and needful kit that I've accumulated, for every-day preparedness in the event of accident, disaster or world-shifting end-times Apocalypse, be it zombies, triffids or Mayan divide-by-zero errors.

I've been thrilled to get some great comments along the way, people either pointing out alternatives, calling me on lapses of logic or using this as a guide for their own choices. Brilliant! Likewise, I've been astonished by the amount of traffic I've gotten; I repost to Twitter, Google+ and Facebook (please feel free to add me on any, if you haven't already) and feel very grateful for the reposts that either my readers have given, or that my review-ies have given me. Thanks one and all!

So, now over to you, faithful readers ....

Is there something else you'd like to see me review? Gear, goodies, tech and toys? More of my semi-ranting "Home Front" posts? More "Wish-Lusts"? Or even another video-review? Is there something I'm missing?

I'm taking requests, lay it on me, and I'll see what I can manage.

So, thanks for the presence thus far, and I hope you'll continue reading!

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