Saturday, February 25, 2012

Review: Platatac Modular Radio Pouch

Here's one of the last Platatac pouches that I have currently, and it's a pretty cool one. As previously mentioned, I got this as part of a bundled pouch deal and have happily had it attached to the cummerbund of my MAC armour carrier  since I got it. This is the Modular Radio Pouch by Platatac. It is designed to take the AN/PRC-148 MBITR (PRC148) Radio but as i don't use that kind of radio, I felt the need to find alternate uses, which I'll get to later on. This pouch features the same heavy 1000D Cordura that the other pouches like the very useful FUP and SR25 pouches which is not only IR treated, hard wearing but sheds dirt and grime very effectively, I've found. This particular pouch is interesting because like the other Platatac shingle pouches, its open top is managed with a shock-cord loop, which in this case, is fixed with a nylon webbing loop attached to a Fastex buckle. 
I really like these buckles, far more than hook-and-loop.  One great feature of this pouch is the two side pockets, which will fit accessories such as my Gerber multitool and my trusty and blindingly-bright Surefire 6PX. The sides of these pockets are elastisised, to keep your item snug and secure, and feature a hook-and-loop fixing webbing cover. The double rows of PALS/MOLLE attachment loops give this pouch the same rock-solid attachment to whatever kit you happen to want to mount it to. You can see the shock-cord loop's knot in its grommet at the back, between the MOLLE loops. A drainage grommet is fitted to the base of the main pouch and a webbing-taking loop is fitted to the stiff and reinforced backing of the pouch at the top, for use as an alternate attachment method.

So, as I said earlier I don't use the big MilSpec radios this particular pouch is designed around, but for my Stargate Lasertag LRP and costuming needs I have come up with a couple of options. Here it is holding an old PlayStation light-gun, which it fits quite snugly, when the shock-cord is adjusted. I don't have an actual handgun to test it on, and I'm sure if I did I would use a purpose built holster for it, but this gives some idea of its capability.  I have also used it to carry one of the extra-tall Nerf Extended Clip .

All in all this is another example of a great piece of Platatac gear, adaptable, multi-purposed and rugged.  I'm very glad to have it in my collection, and look forwards to lots of opportunities to load it up and hump it about!

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